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At LiveLoveLife we offer world-class Chiropractic care to help you feel and function at your best, naturally. We empower you to take control of your health through gentle care without 90% of cracking (Network Spinal Care).

   Do you have problems with:

We respect the body's incredible capacity for healing, regeneration and optimisation and our goal is to show you how to harness this power that we all possess innately. We acknowledge that the spine plays an integral role in health and wellbeing and in our body's ability to function at its best.


We believe that a healthier you helps to create a happier you, a happier family, a more loving community and a more compassionate world.

•  Headache/Neck pain/Low back pain/Sciatica.

• Poor Posture & spinal health.

• Manage stress.

• Poor or trouble sleeping.

• Healing & function

• Performance & concentration

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This appointment is all about the initial step in our journey together. It is a complimentary session where we take the time to understand you and your health concerns. Our primary aim is to determine if we can provide the assistance you need. If our chiropractor believe we can help you, you may choose to proceed with a paid examination the Holistic body and neurostructural examination( next step).


we will be performing a thorough exam of your spine and nervous system( posture analysis,stress test,balance test). If indicated, special tests including x-ray may be ordered. 

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During this appointment we will discuss with you what we found and how we can help you. We will lay out an individualised schedule of care and recommendations to assist you in reaching your health goals. If you are happy with the options we provide you, we will typically give you your first adjustment ( 90% no cracking )at this visit).


Dr Xavier Mirouze

Hello, I am Dr Xavier, an experienced and Holistic Network Chiropractor. 


After 23 years of experience I have been driven by a passion for helping people realise their innate potential and get more out of life. I recognise that the health of the spine plays an integral role in being able to achieve this.

 I provide world-class Chiropractic care for people of all ages. I cannot wait to help you, your friends, & family discover your BEST health!

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