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Dr. Xavier Mirouze

Hello, my name is Dr Xavier Mirouze and I am so excited to care for you at LiveLoveLife.


I am originally from Marseille in France, I studied and obtained my Chiropractic degrees from Life University in Atlanta, USA. That was over 23 years ago and I have since had the privilege of helping over 10,000 people to better health through Chiropractic. Still after all these years and looking after all those people, it astounds me to see the incredible correlation between removing interference from people's nervous system and the profound shift in their quality of life. Helping people in this way has been wonderfully rewarding and helping people being able to live life to their fullest potential is my passion.

I have been fortunate to practice Chiropractic across the globe and the country, including France, the USA, Tahiti, Queensland and Sydney. I am an active member of the Australian Chiropractors Association and spend many weekends learning and building on my knowledge and skills. I find it inspiring to be continually learning and staying up to date with the rapidly evolving and fascinating science and research behind the mind body connection.

I utilise many techniques in my practice including NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) a beautifully gentle yet effective Chiropractic technique that helps you be resilient to the stresses of your life and to optimise your health expression & performance. I am also a facilitator of the works of Dr John Demartini, Dr Joe Dispenza, and Tony Robbins. 

In my down time I enjoy working on my personal development, martial arts, skiing and water sports. I love to experience anything that delivers a rush of adrenaline and to see the corners of the universe through travel and meditation. 

I am very much looking forward to meeting you in the Studio soon and helping you on your continuing journey to better health.


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