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New patient Appointments

Initial Consultation : :

This appointment is all about the initial step in our journey together. It is a complimentary session where we take the time to understand you and your health concerns. Our primary aim is to determine if we can provide the assistance you need. If our chiropractor believe we can help you, you may choose to proceed with a paid examination the Holistic body and neurostructural examination( next step).

Holistic body and neurostructural examination:

The thorough examination of your spine and nervous system will include a posture exam, neurological and orthopedic examination, plus a chiropractic examination with NASA stress test.

If indicated, special tests including x-ray may be ordered. 

Health report :

During this appointment we will discuss with you what we found and how we can help you. We will lay out an individualized schedule of care and recommendations to assist you in reaching your health goals. If you are happy with the options we provide you, we will typically give you your first adjustment at this visit. 




Adjustment Visits :

Although these are the shortest visits these are our favourite as this is when the magic happens! During these visits we use gentle and effective techniques to improve your spinal & nervous system function and help you on your way to a healthier, happier life!



Review Visits :

These longer visits will be booked at regular intervals throughout your care and allow for us to revisit and readjust your goals and recommendations as your body is healing and improving. 


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