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Is back pain in pregnancy normal?

Updated: Mar 25

natural chiropractic at livelovelife chiropractic with network care for pregnant woman with low back pain
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The short answer is actually No.  Experiencing back pain during pregnancy may be ‘considered’ normal and while it is definitely common, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way!  Your body is amazing & has the capacity to grow an entire human being inside of you. Given that is what a woman’s body is designed to do, does it seem right that our design would have to include pain?  Every woman and every pregnancy is different however the primary sources of back pain during pregnancy are due to:

  • Structural changes and Spinal dysfunction in the joints of the lower back and the pelvis that occur with an expanding uterus.

  • Expanding the pelvic structures causing muscle spasm and referred pain. 

  • Stretching of ligaments causing pubic pain. 

  • Increase in circulating progesterone, estrogen, and relaxin throughout pregnancy which decreases stabilization of the spine.

As you probably know, your spine houses your nervous system which is in control of every major and minor function of your body including your growing baby!  If parts of your spine are not working properly, if they are stiff, restricted, out of alignment or unstable, it can not only ​cause back pain but it can also change the way your brain and body communicate with each other and have the potential to impact every aspect of your overall health and wellbeing.​

Chiropractic care aims to restore function to your spine to improve brain-body communication and improve the body’s capacity to regulate, heal and adapt efficiently and effectively.

There are specifically designed Chiropractic techniques that allow us to care for pregnant women in a gentle and effective way. These techniques act to reduce pressure/tension from your spine, increase flexibility and strength, and help the pelvis to become stable and relaxed allowing the joints to move more freely during the pregnancy and also during labour. Chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy can have the following perks:

  • Less Pain/Discomfort throughout Pregnancy

  • Pelvic Alignment - which can assist your baby achieve optimal positioning during pregnancy and in preparation for birth.

  • Shorter Labour - practice based studies show first time mums who receive Chiropractic care during pregnancy experience 25% shorter labour time1.

  • Less Painful Labour - women having Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy report less back pain during delivery1.

  • Assist Recovery - after birth, whether vaginal or via c-section, changes to pelvic biomechanics can bring discomfort with walking, sleeping and nursing. Receiving regular Chiropractic care during pregnancy may assist in a faster recovery.

  • Be Prepared -  for the extra stress on your spine  that comes with nursing and having a newborn! 

It’s never too early to have an assessment and prepare for pregnancy and birth!  With post-graduate training in Pregnancy and Care for Babies and Children, Dr Erin Hawken and Dr Sandy Ghobrial would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.  Please get in touch at


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