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Practical tips to combat loneliness this festive season...

Updated: Mar 25

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In a world where technology has us feeling like we are more 'connected' than ever, some of you may be surprised that statistics confirm loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions globally, showing we are actually a society that is growing apart rather than together.

This may also not surprise you, whether you realise how much more time you now spend connected to your devices than your family and friends or you wish your partner or children paid more attention to you than their phone, there are also many individuals who are just unable to be with family or loved ones during the festive season. Whether because of travel restrictions, relationship breakdowns or any other reason you may be spending more time alone than you would like this year and that can be upsetting and affect your health. People who lack connection ultimately tend to lack vitality.

The festive season can be one filled with joy and love but can also be a time of intense emotions and expectations and can trigger loneliness. Many things have been unknown this year but one thing we do know and need to remember is that meaningful human connection and relationships are essential for us to remain happy and healthy but when that is not entirely possible or available, here are some tips to get you smiling this season!

1. Gratitude ~ This comes up a lot and may seem like the answer to almost everything and well, it can be! Practicing gratitude helps build emotional resistance, create stability, shift you to a positive mindset and can rewire your brain for enhanced health including better sleep, less stress and and overall better mood! Be happy for what you have and receive happiness in return, now that is the opposite of a vicious cycle!

2. Volunteer ~ helping others less fortunate than you can also help boost your self esteem and inspire a feeling of purpose in your life. The festive season is a wonderful opportunity to give love and support to others who need it, increasing their happiness and wellbeing as well as your own.

3. Bring people together ~ chances are you are not the only person in your area feeling lonely. You could decide to do something as simple as smiling or saying hello to everyone you pass in the street or you could get creative and arrange a small social gathering in your street, building or community for anyone who might not be having the festive season they had hoped for this year.

4. Self care ~ have a warm bath! The link between being cold and being lonely and between warmth and security is scientifically established so if you are feeling a little blue, have a warm bath or a cuppa tea on top of whatever self care routine you already know makes you feel good!

5. Cut back on social media ~ not only will this solve some of the relationship issues touched on previously, it is important to remember social media is just the highlights reel, it is not reality. Our reliance on social media has changed the way we spend our leisure time and can contribute to feeling isolated. Many of us cannot live without it but studies support the opinion that too much time on social media can negatively effect mental health so balance is key.

6. Talk about it ~ humans are hard-wired for connection! Cultivate this by forging new relationships, put effort into existing relationships that bring you joy and if your regular support network isn't enough there are always professionals you can turn to so you do not need to suffer in silence.

7. Get adjusted ~ if you would like to find out more about how Chiropractic care can support your health and well being please get in touch with us today at


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