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What worry does to your brain...

Updated: Mar 25

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As human beings it is normal for us to worry at times, it is one of the many emotions we experience and when your brain is functioning well, worry leads to thoughts and actions which actually alleviate the worry, so it is constructive! The problem begins when, for one reason or another we are unable to effectively deal with this worry and become stuck in a vicious circle of worrying about our worries. In this cycle, with no solutions in sight the worry is no longer helpful and the feelings just seem to snowball.

This occurs as certain areas of your brain are not working at their best individually or communicating effectively with other areas. Specifically, the areas of the brain that deal with worry and anxiety are:

  • Limbic brain (particularly the amygdalae and hypothalamus) which deal with feelings and emotions;

  • Anterior cingulate cortex, dorsolateral and ventrolateral prefrontal cortex which deal with thinking about our feelings; and

  • The frontal and prefrontal cortex which deal with thinking and acting based on feelings.

You may not realise that persistent worry can actually change the way your brain functions and it can even change the visible structure of the brain as it becomes re-wired to create and fuel more worry and this is the reason we snowball. Anxiety, stress and worry actually become a part of the brains design and we reinforce these patterns every day as we fuel it with more worry. This of course leaves less of the brain available to focus on being calm or taking action to alleviate the worry.

Once we get to this stage, the functional structure of your brain is in need of some serious remodelling and here is the good news! Just as your brain can form negative patterns, it can also re-wire to form more beneficial neurological patterns, basically giving itself an overhaul! As with any change it will take some time, effort and dedication but it can be done!

Learning changes the brain. As the saying goes, if you want something different, you have to do something different. Learning something new and putting what you have learned into action is the basic formula we can use to create lasting change in the brain. This can be challenging but rewarding in the long term and can lead to changes in your habits, behaviour and they way you experience life.

There is so much information at our fingertips these days it can be overwhelming but the positive side of that is the availability of so many resources which are accessible and user friendly, everything from online learning tools and self help programs to breathing exercises, meditation and exercise routines. Implementing a daily practice including mindfulness, gratitude and positive thinking is a great place to start retraining your brain. And of course there are professionals that can help if you need it.

Here at LiveLoveLife Chiropractic we can help by getting you adjusted! Your spine is the protective casing for your nervous system and the motor for your brain.  The function of your spine can therefore affect every aspect of your health including how you experience life, how you deal with stress and anxiety and how well your brain is able to do its job.

When you are worried or anxious, your nervous system is in the stress response state of fight or flight. A Chiropractic adjustment aims to remove interference from your nervous system and may help to switch you from fight or flight to rest & digest which is the state in which your body is able to heal, regenerate and adapt to your environment.

At LiveLoveLife we are passionate about helping people live their best lives.  We offer world-class Chiropractic care along with proactive education, positive support and early intervention, which is key to ensure you are building a strong, healthy and resilient body for the future.  Want your health to be different? Want your life to be different? Then you have to DO something different. Get in touch with us today!


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