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Are you paying attention to your posture?

Updated: Mar 25

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Is your posture really that important? Sure standing up straight can make you look good but there are many other reasons we should be paying attention to our posture. Good posture is a constant struggle for many of us these days, with the amount we sit in our cars or at our desk, to the exercise we do and even the way we sleep, maintaining proper posture all of the time is tough but working towards improving your posture is possible and totally worth it. Here’s why:

Your digestion ~ poor posture can place extra pressure on your stomach and intestines making it more difficult for your body to digest your food. It may even effect your body’s ability to absorb the important nutrients you’re feeding it. Ultimately, this can lead to you feeling tired, under nourished or even suffering acid reflux.

Your breathing ~ ever tried to take a good deep breath while slouching? It’s really tough as poor posture restricts the ability of your lungs and diaphragm to expand. Continued poor posture can cause your breath to become shallower over time, less oxygen = less energy as your body will be struggling to perform the most simple tasks required of it.

Your aches and pains ~ slouching at our desks or in our cars or even on the couch can put a lot of strain on the muscles that support your spine. We spend a lot of time nowadays in what we call ‘forward head posture’ which just means your head is regularly sitting more forward than it should be. The more forward your head, the more force placed on your neck and shoulders so by the end of the day you may feel wiped out and achy all because of your posture, and don’t even get us started on the long term effects!

Back to your looks ~ we all want to look our best and while good posture can help you to appear taller and slimmer, it also communicates a lot to people about you. Sitting and standing tall can promote confidence and impact the way others perceive you.

If you need some help and useful tips to improve your posture, you should discuss it with us during your next visit or get in touch at

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