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How's your morning routine?

Updated: Mar 25

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Now that the craziness and unpredictability of the festive season is over it's time to get back into the swing of things and a solid morning routine is an important self-care practice that can set the tone for your entire day ahead, seems like a good place to start.

As soon as you wake up, every decision you make dips into your brain’s willpower reserves. Research

suggests our willpower is a limited resource so anything we can do to maintain those reserves should make our lives a little easier. When we automate our mornings, the habits we develop start to feel like second nature which can cut out some of the decision fatigue from constantly having to ask yourself, what do I need to do next? Experiment with what works for you, and remember that the key is consistency but here are some tips to get you started.

1. Make your bed ~ this can be your first 'accomplishment' of the day and while it is technically a chore, it is a deceptively simple way to make yourself feel good. Having a made bed can declutter your space (and mind), give you a small sense of pride which encourages completion of further tasks throughout the day, create good sleep hygiene (a freshly made bed to crawl into at the end of the day is sooooo enticing) and serve as a simple guidepost for other healthy habits.

2. Put the phone down (or better still, do not pick it up) ~ When you first wake you are typically quite calm and it is beneficial to maintain that as long as possible. When we check our phones first thing in the morning, we invite a flood of stimulation and potential stressors into our brain, things that demand our attention and shift our focus. Considering most of us are 'plugged in' for the majority of the day, why not try to delay the start time a little? 3. Hydrate ~ similar to making your bed, ensuring you have a glass or more of water in the morning (even better, some warm water with lemon) will get things started right! We all know the benefits of adequate fluid intake physiologically but adding this step to your morning routine is mentally stimulating you to stay hydrated all day without having to think too much about it, you will definitely not get to lunch time and realise you haven't had a drop of water yet. 4. Stretch your body ~ a full on workout or yoga routine is super beneficial in the morning and good for you if you can make it work, for those who are not morning people, you can at least enjoy a good stretch in the morning! Taking a few minutes to get your body moving in the morning will get your blood pumping and ensure that morning stiffness does not last all day. Click here for our short (7min) spinal stretch sequence.

5. Do something you enjoy ~ the word “routine” can have negative connotations and isn't appealing to everyone. Making time for something you enjoy can help you see the morning as your own unique segment of the day rather than just a prelude to work. When your alarm goes off instead of feeling dread you can look forward to what you are waking up to. Whether it is crafting, dancing around to pump-up music, playing with your pets, reading, trying a new breakfast recipe, meditating or whatever fun, grounding or creative activity you enjoy, carve out some space to do it first thing.

Life should be enjoyed and every beautiful moment treasured so let's aim to make the most of every day this year by starting 2021 full of love and positive vibes!

At LiveLoveLife we aim to support healthy spinal and brain function in everyone! If you have any concerns or are looking for more information about your health please contact us at


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