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School's back!

Updated: Mar 25

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It's that time of year again, school's back and we want to make sure you and your little one/s are prepared not only to learn and develop but also to have a happy and healthy year ahead!

While most parents and children have a checklist of stationary and supplies for starting the school year, we would like to provide a different 'checklist' to remind parents and children of the importance of building positive habits in school.

We know getting your child to school can be stressful so below are some tips which can easily be incorporated into your everyday routine to limit the impact that common activities like sitting in a classroom, carrying a heavy bag and excessive screen time can have on the overall health and wellbeing of our future generations.

Backpacks ~ have your child wear both shoulder straps, only pack essential items with heaviest items to the back of the bag and use the waist and chest bag straps.

Food ~ pack a healthy and nutritious lunch and snacks with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit or better still teach your child to pack their own healthy options.

Posture ~ remind your child to sit with their shoulders back and relaxed, with both feet on the floor and chair tucked in during class.

Screen time ~ reduce and limit your child's screen time wherever possible. Two hours recreational screen time a day is plenty.

Exercise ~ 60 minutes of exercise is essential every day, find something they enjoy doing and encourage them to have fun!

Adjustments ~ a healthy spine and nervous system is essential to growth and development and ensuring your child remains as happy and healthy as possible.

At LiveLoveLife we aim to support healthy growth and development in children and healthy spinal and brain function in everyone! If you have any concerns or are looking for more information about the health of your child or yourself please contact us at


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