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Spring is in the air... and the nose?!

Updated: Mar 25

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We can feel it, with the warmer weather and sunny days (which we welcome with open arms) can also come the not so welcome hay fever or allergy symptoms... If the above image reminds you of sneezing fits during spring, you are the 1 in 5 individuals affected by this condition in Australia.

If you are that 1 person, your immune system identifies a harmless substance (such as pollen) as harmful and produces antibodies in response which means when you come into contact with that pollen the next time, your immune system will release chemicals and trigger symptoms associated with hay fever. These can include cough; itchy nose, roof of mouth or throat; postnasal drip, runny nose and/or nasal congestion; sneezing; swollen blue-colored skin under the eyes; watery, itchy, red eyes; and fatigue.

Most treatments available tackle the symptoms, and can be very effective at doing so, but are unable to get to the root cause of the problem. On the other hand, chiropractic care may tackle the underlying interference to your nervous system and help your body to function at its best.

The primary goal of chiropractic adjustments is to remove or release stress from your nervous system so your brain and body can communicate more clearly with each other. A stress-free body can be more capable of dealing with allergens, healing and regenerating, adapting to your environment and doing everything else you require of it everyday. Your body is brilliant and when its basic requirements are met and your nervous system is functioning properly you are better able to feel healthy and happy, to continue to do the things you need to do and the things you love to do in life.

There are many things you can do besides taking medication to help reduce your symptoms but most of them involve isolating yourself indoors and avoiding activities that you probably enjoy. Chiropractic care and getting adjusted regularly seems like a much better option which may help you carry on enjoying life rather than hiding away for periods of the year, especially beautiful times like spring!

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