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Why parents get their babies adjusted...

Updated: Mar 25

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You adjust babies? Why would a baby need Chiropractic care? Is it safe for a baby to get adjusted? Does it help them? These are just some of the questions we hear in the studio regularly and the answers are all YES.

There are so many reasons Chiropractic care may benefit a baby, just as much as it may benefit every human being. The main reason is that we all live our lives through our nervous system. The nervous system is how our brain controls every cell, tissue and organ in our body and how those structures are able to send messages back through your spine and into your brain. We like to call this your internal GPS. That is how your body functions, regulates, adapts and heals.

If your spine is out of alignment or stiff and restricted in its movement, it can interfere with the way your brain is able to communicate with the rest of your body and not allow your nervous system to function at its optimal capacity. Chiropractors remove interference from your nervous system, switching on your internal GPS, allowing your body to become more efficient in its ability to regulate itself, ​to heal and regenerate, ​adapt to your environment and ​do ​the things you ask it to do everyday​. This is true for anyone with a spine, regardless of age!

While it is definitely not necessary to wait until you have a problem to see a Chiropractor, some common issues that motivate a parent to seek help are colic, difficulty breastfeeding, head turning preference, flat spots on the skull and a traumatic birth (including c-section or use of forceps). Restricted spinal movement (particularly in the cervical spine or neck) is a very common presentation in a new baby in all of these scenarios and we often see these issues resolve easily following extremely gentle Chiropractic adjustments. Hallelujah.

Chiropractors have a variety of techniques that are specifically suited to infants of all ages. These include applying gentle pressure and motion to the spine using a finger tip (about the amount of pressure you could comfortably put on your eyelid) and using an Activator instrument which makes a clicking noise and distributes a very light and fast impulse where necessary. We call our Activator little miss tickle and kids love it!

One of the many incredible things about Chiropractic care and babies is that their tiny bodies respond so quickly. Without the layers of stress, years of poor posture and other trauma to work through, improvement is often seen much faster in babies than in adults. Chiropractic care is also an excellent foundational approach to overall health and wellness, as well as a conservative care option for many issues that parents deal with on a daily basis. Good news for both mum and bub.

Dr Erin has completed post-graduate training in pregnancy and paediatric care and we help loads of new bubs at LiveLoveLife. If you would like us to check your baby please or get in touch at


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