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Winter is coming... Your brain and immune system

Updated: Mar 25

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A well respected Chiropractor once said the best immune system is in the body, not in the lab (Dr C S Gonstead) and another very well known expert in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics (Dr Joe Dispenza, who started out as a Chiropractor) has done extensive work to demonstrate when people overcome negative emotional states, break out of redundant habits and change certain self-destructive, hardwired attitudes and beliefs, the cells of their immune system are able to get busy upregulating new, better genes!

The University of Virginia’s School of Medicine researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery of a direct correlation between the brain and the immune system, finally providing evidence to show how our thoughts and feelings could affect our overall health. This finding has significant implications on the way we understand the interaction between our brain and immune system.

The goal of these studies is to attempt to uncover if and how inflammation begins to create or is even entirely responsible for certain diseases. When our body is flooded by stress hormones for the majority of our waking life, we suffer increased inflammation which in turn compromises the function of our immune system. In some inflammatory conditions including atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer's disease and autism the immune system is suppressed. With this immune suppression and increased inflammation a new disease can either be activated in the body or an existing disease can be exacerbated. On an everyday level, the suppression of our immune system caused by stress (including our thoughts and feelings) is leaving us more vulnerable to common coughs, colds, flus and the other dreaded C-word this winter. During Dr Joe Dispenza's workshops, he encourages positive emotions such as love, joy or gratitude and students use meditation to attain elevated states of being. This new, better way of thinking and feeling creates new brain chemistry and synaptic connections, encourages coherence and allows the body’s internal defense system to upregulate new genes and has resulted in miraculous healings of 'unhealable' conditions. Dr Joe has hypothesized for years that thoughts and feelings signal cells within the immune system to turn on healthy genes to make better proteins (healthy antibodies) and beneficial chemicals which balance and regulate the body and in turn reduce inflammation and now his extensive studies have been scientifically verified.

So if you are concerned that with the weather cooling down you may be more susceptible to common ailments this winter, remember that your brain and body are connected and that the bridge between the two is your nervous system. So besides taking care of your physical body in the usual way (exercise, nutrition, sleep and Vitamin D) why not also use your nervous system?! We know that your nervous system is the master controller of your immune system so optimal spinal function will power up your nervous system and may help your immune system be at it's best. Try to focus on reducing stress and elevating your emotional state to activate your body's internal army. to support your body to do what it does naturally, protect itself!

We are here to help, please get in touch at if you are in need of a boost leading up to winter!


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