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Back to School for Little Backs!

Updated: Mar 25

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With the beginning of the school year we have plenty of people asking us about the best way to care for the spines of their little ones.  Aside from the obvious back pack issues there are numerous things which can overload a child’s developing spine during their daily school adventures. Considering it is the spine's job to protect the nervous system, which is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in your body including your heart beat, breathing, sensory integration and digestion, it makes sense that taking care of our spine is a key component to overall health and wellbeing. 

Children's relationship with technology has increased tremendously  in  a  few  short years, they  spend  more time on mobile phones, tablets and hand-held devices than ever before! And we are seeing the impact of this on posture and also activity levels, both of which can have further detrimental effects on the development of the spine and brain. 

Studies show an increase in children suffering muscular discomfort from poor postural habits and the resulting suboptimal functioning nervous system. These children often lack motivation for physical activity and may struggle with concentration on their school work.  Many parents do not realise the effect their child’s physical body has on their ability to learn, socialise, cope with stress, regulate their emotions and fight coughs and colds.  Proactive education, positive support and early intervention is key in building a strong healthy and resilient body for the future. 

At LiveLoveLife we aim to support healthy growth and development in children and healthy spinal and brain function in everyone! If you have any concerns or are looking for more information about the health of your child or yourself please contact us at


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