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Five considerations for your developing child

Updated: Mar 25

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As a parent there may be times when you wonder or worry about your child’s development.  Here are 5 simple things you can consider to determine if your child is developing ‘normally’ or if further investigation may be necessary.

1. Are they reaching or did they reach milestones? 

Rolling-sitting-crawling-cruising-walking is a

developmental pathway where each movement contributes to the next.  Failure to complete these steps in order or at all may indicate something is not quite right.

2. Are they keeping up with peers?

Every child is different however if your child is not keeping up with others of a comparable age can indicate a delay in physical development. 

3. Clumsiness ~ kids trip and fall and as they grow however if your child noticeably lacks coordination, investigation may be required to avoid any short or long term consequences.

4. Toe Walking or walking on tip toes is normal to begin 

with however extended periods of toe walking may be a sign of delayed musculoskeletal and/or sensory development and is a cause for prompt further assessment.

5. Complaining about walking/being active

Not wanting to participate in activities or becoming fatigued quickly may be a sign your child is experiencing discomfort or other symptoms.

If you are concerned about your child we recommend a formal assessment with a Chiropractor. Early intervention and management is key to improving future outcomes and minimising impact on long-term development.  At LiveLoveLife we aim to support healthy growth & development in children and healthy spinal & brain function in everyone! If you have any questions please contact us at


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