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Prepping for Pregnancy

Updated: Mar 25

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Creating a new life is possibly nature's greatest miracle. As a human being, bringing a new little human into the world is not only a true joy, it is also a transition period that deserves a huge dedication of time and energy. So how do we prepare for such a major change in life, with so many unknowns?

The perinatal period extends slightly under 2 years, from conception right through to your newborn's first year of life, and is bound to be a busy time. These days you can google anything, like ‘preparing for a new baby’ and you will likely get a mulitude of checklists detailing supplies you need to purchase and things you should do. While being helpful (and necessary) we have some suggestions which you can incorporate into regular to-do lists that will help you dive a little deeper into your preparation for pregnancy and parenthood.

  1. Celebrate AND rally your support network ~ gender reveal parties and baby showers may be the 'norm' and while you can enjoy these events you can also use them as an opportunity to connect with your tribe about important issues. With your key trusted supports around you (a handful of family members, friends, neighbours, other parents - the people who have your back and lift you up, those you want and need when things get tough), you can have real conversations in a safe space where there is no need to hold back. Let them know your true concerns and what you anticipate you may need when your baby arrives. They are then better prepared to be there for you and help in a way that you need because they know what appropriate support looks like to you.

  2. Decorate AND develop a parenting plan ~ the nursery is such a loving space and might be something you and your partner decorate together. Perhaps while you are putting furniture together or waiting for paint to dry, you could brainstorm a list of things you might be worried about, things you feel you need time to chat about, how you plan to share the responsibilities, returning to work and parenting strategies. You can use this list to come up with an action plan which you can work through and add to as your situation evolves. When you begin on the same page and have a plan you are better equipped to support each other and put up a united front when faced with the unknown or if curve balls come your way.

  3. Medical checks AND mental health check ins ~ through your pregnancy you may feel like you are checked up on a lot. All that monitoring this and keeping an eye on that saves lives but it is important to remember your mental health too. The parts of your brain involved in your mental health have an immediate top-down impact on your physical health so learning how to really check in with your mental health is a proactive and protective way to prepare yourself for a positive future. It is easy and common to default to a happy exterior that does not match our internal state. It is ok to feel overwhelmed, worried, tired, and emotional but having the ability to recognise what is going on within and how to deal with it is vital. Along with typical antenatal classes, online resources are popping up all over the place, there are plentiful parenting group options and meet ups and if necessary mental health professionals that can provide you with support and tools which can be used for yours, and your babies, entire life.

  4. Shop for baby supplies AND health care options ~ do you need everything on the must-have baby list you googled? Probably not. But while you are shopping for bub online, you can also open a tab or two and read up on safe and effective health care options for you and your baby. This is possibly a time in your life when you will be most conscious of what options are available to you and how they work. Doing a bit of window shopping before you are in a situation when you need help can take some of the stress away, allow you to be better equipped to ask the right questions, chose who to turn to and ensure you feel confident you are making informed decisions should the need arise.

  5. Get adjusted AND get your baby checked ~ you can read more about that in our blog 'Why parents get their babies adjusted' by clicking here.

If you are pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or have just given birth and would like to know more about how your spinal and nervous system health can affect your overall health and wellbeing (or that of your little one) please get in touch with us at

Every adjustment helps!


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